Will Listerine Help To Pass A Saliva Drug Test?

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As far fetched as this method may sound, it could actually be true as there are many people out there who swear that using Listerine has helped them to pass a saliva drug test. However there are also some people who completely reject this theory and believe that it is just another Internet rumour.

If you wish to believe that it is possible for Listerine to help you pass a saliva drug test, then here is how it can apparently be done. You will firstly need Listerine mouthwash. One hour before you take the test, take a mouthful of the Listerine and keep it in your mouth, allowing it to soak into the inside of your cheeks. Even swill it around your mouth and bit before spitting it out. Some people recommend that you do this at least twice just in case you miss some. Before you go in for the test, buy some Listerine strips and place one on the cheek you are going to swab and let two dissolve underneath your tongue. Dissolve two more on the cheek you are going to swab. A lot of people swear that this method works for them if they do it about half an hour before they take the test. However, it is up to you if you believe it and wish to try it at your own risk.

Remember though that saliva tests are now very accurate and it is rather unlikely that you will be able to get away with taking any drugs and them not showing up positive. These tests are designed to detect traces of drugs that have recently been taken and this is what they will do.

The only way that you will definitely pass a saliva drug test is to abstain from taking drugs because if you fake a saliva drug test for a job interview, then the company is not hiring the person they think they are.
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I just had a mouthswab drug test this morning at 9:00am. I am a daily smoker of the herbs. I smoked before I went to bed last night at 1:00am. Did not know I would be taking a drug test this morning for a new job (wee bit of a surprise to me). Anyway, I got up at 7:30am took a shower brushed my teeth and rinse with mouth wash. Headed out the door and popped a piece of gum in my mouth on the way to the interview. Just wanted to have clean breathe for the interview thats all. When the interview was over I was handed  a mouth swab and told me to keep it in my mouth for 3 minutes. And low and behold after the test was over, everything came up negative and I was offered a job. Don't know if this will help you or not. I didnt really change anything in my morning routine, but hopefully this helps anyway. And good luck
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Listerine mouthwash will not only help you,but will make you pass a swab test for thc testing.rinse mouth 1 hour prior to testng make sure to let the listerine absorb into the cheek you are going to use for swabbing.also buy a pack of listerine strips at youre local candy or pharmacy store.they go for less than $2.00.take 2 strips and rub it into the cheek youre going to swab.then let 2 more strips dissolve under neath youre tounge.take 2 more strips and let dissolve into the cheek used for swabbing.if you do all this at least half an hour before testing,you are guarranteed to me it has worked for me many times before.
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I have a swab test on thursday or friday for a job.Quit smoking last night.How long does it take to get out of your saliva?What and how should i use to clean up the saliva?
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When I was in jail my celli said he used listerine strips a grip of them like the whole package right before he took the test and he said he passed. But if you have been clean 48 hours use a mouthwash from a head shop that worked for me. What drugs were you using and when? The mouth wash I used was called stinger
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will strip cleanser work on a oral swab testing

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NONE, A  Saliva test is pretty accurate and is hard to beat if you have been using drugs
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Nothing will cover up any thing you take but it will mask it and if you have used a drug it wil show up for up to 18 months
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It has been my personal experience and well learned lesson in focusing, admitting, and doing what needs to be done the right way to pass drug test rather than trying to learn ways to manipulate beating them in an effort to continue using.  By this I mean and say from personal experience.After the same advice from several people that used, I not only tried everyone of the methods told to me and in my insanity kept trying them and not once did I pass those damned test.  Worst of all, the test weren't as hard as they are now but I still failed even when I switched and knew there was no way I was suppose to fail.  BUT I DID!!! Furthermore, since such testing usually is done by an agency required enforcement, I also paid the consequences for using.Then in a moment of clarity, I finally got it, it had to be an intervention by my higher power telling me it was time I admitted, accepted and focused on the real issue, MY ADDICTION!!  My insanity made me think I was getting over and smarter than everybody else by beating the test, when in fact the joke was on me b/c I was the one being manipulated by myself and every game I played was a joke on me leading me closer to the door of doom.moreover, do you realize the hardest, exhausting and most dangerous job one can ever have is the manipulation, creativity, illegal games eventually used in an effort to support a drug habit.STOP PLAYING YOURSELF AND FOCUS ON THE REAL PROBLEM THEN THERE WOULD BE NO CONCERN ON HOW TO BEAT A DRUG TEST AND BE PROUD KNOWING YOU WILL PASS IT.

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