How Do You Smoke Phentermine?


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It's possible to smoke any capsule-based medication, such as Phentermine, by opening the capsule and dumping the contents into a pile of tobacco that is then sealed into a tubular shape with rolling papers, such as Zig Zag papers. However, it's really not a very good idea to smoke a prescription medication like Phentermine. Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressant that has plenty of side effects - in fact, users have even reported that Phentermine makes them want to smoke way more cigarettes than they normally do. This drug has also been linked to heart valve problems and other types of health issues that can really take their toll on the human body.

  • A terrible idea

Sucking this type of drug straight into your airway and lungs is just a terrible idea, since prescription drugs should always be taken as they are designed to be taken. If a product is meant to be swallowed, it may be a time-release drug that acts on the human body over a period of hours or even days. When you smoke something, you'll completely change the way the drug reacts inside of your body, increasing your chances of a bad reaction, including nausea, headaches, dizziness, and worse.

  • Use common sense

If you are thinking about smoking your diet pills, just use your common sense? Does it really make sense to smoke something that is intended to be swallowed with a bit of water? Is it really that hard to take prescription medication by popping it into your mouth and then having a sip of water to wash it down?

Maybe you find swallowing pills traumatic? If you have issues with swallowing pills, consider addressing these issues rather than putting your health at risk by smoking prescription diet medication sold in capsule form. Talking to a doctor should reinforce the opinion stated here.
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Never heard about phentermine before, especially about smoking it. The only thing I ever smoked is usual cigarettes, happily I quitted even ciggies (in favor to vaping and disposable vape pod Puff Mini).

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