Can Monster Energy Drinks Clean Weed Out Of Your System?


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No, they can't.

There seem to be a number of myths on the internet about how to get weed out of your system, and the energy drink one seems to pop up quite often.

In actual fact, the best way to beat a drugs test is by drinking plenty of water, exercising and watching what you eat.

Energy drinks and weed, how to test clean

There is no active ingredient in energy drinks that suggest they'd be able to help you pass a drug test.

If anything, consuming that many empty calories is likely to hamper your metabolism and increase your chances of failing.

Here's why, and how to actually pas a drugs test:

How to pass my weed drugs test

The first thing we have to establish is what kind of test you're facing.

If it's a hair follicle or blood test, you have no chance of passing - it'll take months to test clean for those.

If you're going in for a urine test, the best way to prepare is by trying to flush all traces of the drug out with water.

When a drug test examines your urine, it is actually looking for metabolites - chemical waste products that are a result of your body breaking down the THC in marijuana.

These metabolites are stored in your fat tissue, and are eventually burned when your body needs energy. The liver diverts them into the urinary tract, and that is how a drugs test picks them up.

The best thing you can do is to speed up the metabolic process, so:

  • Drink water
  • Exercise to burn metabolite-containing body fat
  • Eat low-fat and low-calorie food so your body is more likely to break down body fat quickly.
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It's the Niacin and Vitamin b12.
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I passed a urine test because I'm a cop and Monster helped me out BIG TIME!! I could have right there gotten fired! MONSTER RULES!
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