How Long Will Nicotine Show Up In A Blood Test?


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About an hour after having inhaled Nicotine only 0.031 milligrams (mg) of every 1 mg remains in your system. After metabolising in the lungs to Nicotine Oxide and a substance called Cotinine, enzymes in the Liver will break down approximately 80 per cent of the Nicotine into Cotinine, however blood tests will take a measure for Cotinine too. Around two hours after entering your system half the Nicotine in your body will have been turned into Cotinine, which may stay in your body for up to 20 hours. It is possible for trace amounts of Nicotine to be found between one and three days afterwards, while Cotinine can take over a week to drop down to levels where blood test are unable to detect it.

There are some Internet websites that offer products that claim in as little as three days, that they can permanently remove from the blood, urine and saliva any trace of Nicotine and Cotinine, although as a disclaimer its mentioned it may take up to two weeks. There are a few natural and ways with minimal cost that you may be able to speed up the flushing of these substances from your system. These include drinking lots of water and citric fruit juices or by eating lots of citric fruits.
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I'd be careful about that last answer. Nicotine is generally stated to have a 72 hour detection period. That means a minimum of THREE DAYS. Not 8 hours. And physiological attributes will affect that. If you are slightly overweight, or have more body fat than average, then the detection window may be even longer because nicotine is stored in body fat. There's lots of factors, but the 72 hour (3-day) window is the generally agreed upon answer.
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Tobacco tends to get out of blood very quickly. The detection window for tobacco in blood is approximately 6-8 hours since the intake of the drug. If you are going to take a blood test, make sure you take it after 6-8 hours of the intake of tobacco to test negative for the drug.
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I was told that all the signs of nicotine will be gone in 40 days. However I only have 2 days before a bloodtest and I haven't taken any nicotine for about four days. Do you think it'll show up?
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Nicotine is a potent drug as is other drugs that get into your system. Normally give it 30 days to be completely clean although it could be a little sooner. Each day that you go without having nicotine in your system the better.   Please rate my answer
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Nicotine is a short acting drug, that doesn't stay in the system for very long. It will exit the body in about a day but the affects are relevant after the nicotine is gone.
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A sure fire way is to stop smoking other than that if you smoke and it is in your blood it has to wear out by you not smoking, if you use something to attempt to remove it from your blood whatever you use will show up in the test they are smart enough to pick it up through the test, the best to you

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