How Long After Last Dose Of Subutex Can You Feel Effects Of Hydrocodone?


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I think the body takes about 24-36 hours to break down half the dose of subutex in your system.
So if you took 8mg yesterday morning, you are likely to have about 4mg still remaining until this evening.
But if you have been taking say 8mg every morning for weeks or months, you will have built up residual amounts from prior days- and it will take considerably longer for you to feel any opiate high. Some people report waiting weeks after dropping the subutex before being able to get high off their preferred drug again.

So because the answer depends on many different factors it won't be the same for everyone
The main factors to consider are:
- Your own metabolism, how quickly your personal system takes to break down substances
again the range is just a matter of hours so it won't make or break the "high" you hope to get from the hydro's
- How much subutex you have been taking, and for how long (*** this is a big one!!)
- How much hydrocodone you are able to take, because some people report just needing exorbitant amounts of opiates in order to override the subutex remnants - BUT PLEASE DON'T INTERPRET THAT AS A REASON TO TAKE TOO MUCH!

Anyways, I am no doctor, but I have studied meds a lot, both by book and in life and I'm just passing on the bits of info that may help you out.
I know for me, even when I had very little suboutex in my system, I couldn't get an opiate buzz off vics for at least 3 days.
It was a sad truth to realize, and I wasted all my vics in learning this! Total bummer lesson :(

Best of luck!

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