Can You Smoke Methadrone?


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If it's pure or 99% or over, just drop some on some foil (Shiny side down) and heat the bottom with a lighter.  The foil should be curved like a semi-circle or you.
Take a hollowed out pen or straw and aim it over the part where the methadrone is.  Heat it up and Bam!  A cloud of smoke will surface.  Suck it in fast!.  It smokes just like methamphetamines but it's nowhere close to being as good.  You will notice results right away.  Get ready for some teeth grinding and maybe some intense sensuality.
Note - Everyone should have a physical to make sure they don't have an enlarged heart, hear mummer or high blood pressure before doing any stimulant or exercises.  

To sum up, yes, everything goes up in smoke so you aren't wasting anything.  If it tastes bad, you need to find a purer form.
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I am smoking it as I rite this (with rolling bacci) to let you know exactly what happens /:)

When you spark it, it smells weird... But nice :s, like a nice version of the dirty smell up your nose the morning after a session of it.

It gets stronger as it burns down.

You head rush and sweaty palms

And yes... It does rush you out :D

And its still as more-ish as ever
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Suppose you can smoke what you want really!!!  Give it a go let is know how you get on lol
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Yes you can
you could smoke a ballon if you wanted to
but its stupid
andy out peace brother

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