Will Vyvanse Help Opiate Withdrawal?


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I have had to cold turkey addiction to pain meds too many times. 10 days max.  Suboxone now. Day 25, horrible. I was put on 70mgs of Vyvanse about 4 yrs ago. Every person's body is different so you will get different people's opinions constantly. The only problem with Vyvanse is doctors won't give it to you for withdrawals. They don't know enough about it yet in my opinion. I am one who is a true believer in it helping everyday all day and I am not feeling w/d's and they are to last 3 months. I figured it out on my own. I will be taking Vyvanse forever so addiction to it and having to w/d from it is not an issue at this point. Just my feedback.

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Approved indication of this medicine is ADHD, so, this medicine my not be helpful for withdrawal of opiates.

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