How many ounces are needed for a urine drug screen?


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How many ounces of what? Drugs that have been taken before they will show up in a urine drugs test, or fluid ounces of urine that you need to provide to be tested? Either way, the answer is a tiny amount.

By law, drug testing has to have two cut-off levels for a positive detection. For urine analysis, drug testing cut-off levels are measured in nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml). This means that an initial screening for cannabis must show at least 50 ng/ml, which is the first cut-off level. A further analysis is then done, and this has got to show at least 15 ng/ml before the test is considered to have a positive reading. If the first screening doesn’t show the minimum of 50ng/ml, then no further screening is done.

To put those figures into perspective, a gram is 35 thousandths (0.035) of an ounce, and a nanogram is a millionth (0.000000001) of a gram. When you consider that cannabis can stay in your system for weeks, even infrequent users can fail a urine drug screen.

The amount of urine that you will have to produce for a drug screening is only enough to fill a small vial; that will be more than adequate to show any traces of drugs. If you are considering tampering with your sample, the chances of you being able to are very slim. Very often, you will be asked to undress and to wear a hospital gown to reduce the chances that you can smuggle a ‘clean’ sample in and pass it off as your own.

Then you will probably be escorted to a room that is designed for the purpose, so that you have no chance of tampering with the sample. This could mean that any taps have the water supply to them turned off, and the water in the toilet will be coloured. In extreme cases, depending on why you are being tested, you may even be observed providing the sample.
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I honestly had hope that I had finally found someone with some good practical advice giving help on the internet. Until I read into your post do have the cut off levels correct. But that's it. A standard drug test cup requires 80ml or 2.7118fl.Oz's to reach the line on the cup. This line represents the minimum amount of urine needed for valid test. And a testing site will NEVER ask you to take your clothes off and put on a hospital gown. NEVER. Well I take that back, if you are testing for DOT and you have failed your first test and are now required to retake, then you will be asked to dress down before you test. 
And one last thing, there is a way to sub your urine successfully. There are 2 devices being made by a small company in northern California called Sexxi Showers. Don't know much about them but I have seen the male device called HeWhizz. Many of my friends use it. Genius, pure and simple genius.

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