Can You Test Dirty for THC By Smelling Weed?


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No, you can not be tested in this way. You have to use the drug to get positive drug test.
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Take this from someone who just joined the navy.
I use to be a heavy smoker, Did it when I woke up and before I went to bed.
People say its illegal but I'm religious and use what god gives.
But to answer your question Smelling it is different from inhaling it.
People can smell weed from a good amount of distance so you'd be fine.
Just like walking around a smoker You can smell it.
If the smoke part is inhaled you will have a problem
If it isn't and all you do is smell it, its no different from smelling anything else. It passes through your smelling sense and what your smelling isn't the THC. THC is what they test for.
I believe he would have to inhale second hand smoke to ingest any trace of THC...♥Nassy
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No , but if you touch it or you are in the same room as the people that are smoking it it will get in your system and will show up on a drug test .
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In normal circumstances, no. You can pass a drug test.
Except if your friend works in a prison or at an airport. They have a special kind of test for residue.
My roommate went to visit an incarcerated friend, and they found marijuana residue on her, and she has never smoked. (She may have accidentally touched some ashes).
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No. There was a study about this. It has shown that second hand smoke can produce positive urine tests only in extreme laboratory conditions. In real life it cannot be detected

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