I Cannot Find A Straight Answer On This: Does Caffeine Block The Effects Of Synthroid?


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I have been doing research on my own, since I just was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I could not find any problems associated with caffeine or coffee affecting the effectiveness of Synthroid, I did however find that antacids, ulcer meds, cholesterol meds, and iron supplements all bind with the synthroid and alter the absorption rates of Synthroid. Also, keep in mind that your body needs both T3(very little goes a long way) and T4 needs more but your body will transform T4 into T3 to make it more effective. While some hypothyroids will do fine with just T4 replacement(Synthroid), others may have problems converting the T4 to T3 and so may need T3 supplements as well. I would talk to your doctor and let him/her know what is going on and you may need T3 replacement. Also, there are some over the counter supplements that can help as well, coconut oil, Selenium, zinc and iodine are all supplements that are supposed to help with thyroid function. If you do a Google search ( I think I put in Synthroid T3 T4) you will get a whole host of other people in your same situation who are claiming that Synthroid alone is not doing the job.
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PS I have yet to start any meds, is there any side effects that you have noticed thus far?
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Hi Dale! Thanks for the info. I did not have any side effects. Never noticed a thing when I began this medication. But I think I don't sleep as well and get a bit dizzy when I forget it for the day. Also, I notice I get irritable if I miss it.
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A great reference book to always have on hand is "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" (Fourth Edition) by Phyllis A Balch...I don't see anything negative about coffee...but it does give excellent advice on nutrients, herbs & recommendations...it's only $15 at Sam's...& I'm not necessarily plugging Sam's...hope this helps

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