Will tramadol show in my newborn if they test at birth? I would go into detail but there is no room. I'm not some horrible person so don't go freaking out when you don't have full story. Thank you.


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I'm not sure if you have already had your baby or not, but if not I will tell you now that they don't normally drug test babies unless they show signs of withdrawal (i.e. Are in distress for no apparent reason). If you are taking enough to make the baby withdraw you need to tell the doctor beforehand what is about to happen because if they go in blind and the baby does withdraw then the chances are that they will take your baby and any other children you might have if you didn't have a prescription. When I had my child I had been given oxycodone in the hospital a few weeks before and sent home with a prescription for percocet, but my obgyn knew that this had happened, and after she looked it up and made sure I had been given it by a doctor she said it was fine since I was in my 3rd trimester and that's all basically just putting on weight, not development. She also said that if I had tested positive with no prescription that they would have been able to lock me up until my baby was born for endangering her and then taken her away from me and charged me with child abuse, among other things. Safest bet, if you need them to give you something so that it shows up legal would be to go in to the hospital complaining of whatever pain you have that you needed the tramadol for and that way it's in your charts that you were given it legally. That sounds awful, but I don't want you to lose your baby over something stupid and you don't sound like a dope fiend, just someone who probably really needed it. Btw, nothing went wrong with my baby either. She is one of the smartest kids I've ever met and is in advanced placement everything at school. Good luck and congratulations!!!

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