I am on bed rest for a back injury. I have a doctors note that states that i can't work, drive my question is, the probation I'll be out all week why has the call line requested me to test 3 times? So I have missed three tests.


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If I understand yur question correctly, You need to contact your probation officer and let them know what is going on. Ask if someone can be sent to you for your test.

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kelly masters
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I contacted them and she said on Wednesday "Sounds good, just make sure to bring me all the paperwork. Thanks! " so why would the system keep telling me to go? Am I just paranoid? Do they just let the system do that and then excuse it once she gets my doctors note? I just don't want the system to trigger some warrant or something
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She cannot update the system without a proper documentation, i.e. your doctor's note. As long as you are keeping her the loop, and documenting your conversations/communication you should be fine.
kelly masters
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Thank you! I even wrote her again today. I just hear horror stories and get worried
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Did you contact them and tell them about being in bed reat

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