How Do You Make Weed Salsa?


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There are no secrets to making weed salsa, the same basic principles are applied as are used in all recipes. Prepare your ingredients thoroughly, have space in the kitchen and take time to achieve the best possible results.


The main ingredients to make weed salsa are tomatoes, onion, peppers, cloves, garlic and parsley. The amount used will depend on your own personal tastes and preferences and can be varied over time to ensure that you get the best results for whoever you are cooking for. Adding tomato sauce and vinegar to the recipe is also popular and again depends on individual preferences.


With the ingredients chosen it is very important to wash everything thoroughly and that includes the saucepans, plates and utensils that you will be using to produce the meal. Once you have got the ingredients together it's a case of mixing them up in a large saucepan and then heating them up, bringing it to the boil in a reasonable time, not too slowly and not rushed. Ease back from boiling point while retaining a high temperature then bring to the boil again spending about 20 to 25 minutes in the process. You can of course squeeze or even taste some of the ingredients to get a flavor for how they are cooking.


When you are happy with the temperature and texture of the meal you will be ready to serve. Salsa weed is best served fresh, it is most tasty and retains most of the quality of the ingredients if it is eaten shortly after cooking. Storing or freezing it loses a lot of the goodness, serving soon after cooking will always provide the best results and allow you to get useful feedback about the quantities of the ingredients that you have used.

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