How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System And What Can You Do To Pass A Urine Test?


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Best Advice you'll get I speak from experience, Go to a Vitamin Shop, And by a bottle of (Natural Bentonite) Herbal Detox for 20 bucks take 2 teaspoons in the morning 2 at night and about 7 bottles of water a day this is going to grab the thc celsl and flush them out through you urine so water all the time is key.
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Hopefully you have not smoked since the last test! If so then you are still most likely in trouble. Since the THC lives in fat and lives there comfortable, this is another problems for you. If you haven't smoked I would start drinking a lot of water, a lot and getting some exercise going daily. Working up a good sweat will help to remove the THC as well as the water. That's about all you can try that stuff that says it cleans you system but have never heard from anyone where it actually worked!
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Go to your local GNC health store and ask them for a product called Q-carbo.I used it every month for a year and it worked every single time as long as I took it as I was supposed to.promise you it will work.I was getting tested monthly for probation so trust me.if it did not work I would not be able to answer this question from my home.good luck in whatever you decide to do.
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It takes 30 days...and if you go to rite-aid or cvs and you by a quick flush and drink it you will go to the bathroom and when you pee your pee will be dark this means it's coming out....
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You can also buy synthetic urine
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Why would you buy somebody elses urine and they can have aids or something...

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