Can Bleaching Your Hair Alter Hair Strand Drug Test?


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Nothing can make you pass a hair follicle test. If you have used within the timeframe they are testing, drugs will show up. If you shave your head, they can test hair from another area of your body(arm hair,leg hair,even pubic hair)
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Yes, I have read on multiple websites that bleaching the hair can remove the MELANIN (stores drugs/toxins) and then you color you hair back. If you have low or recreational use this should do the trick, just be sure to do at least an inch and a half for 3 months. DO a search for 'bleaching hair for drug test' you will find some interesting articles.
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You can be tested for drugs thru your hair, but a common drug test does not test thru your hair, it commonly tests your pee. If your hair was to be tested for drugs, the bleaching wont cover up the drugs in your hair.. Since the coloring/bleach only attaches to the surface of the hair the drugs still will remain in the hair, the only way to make drugs un detectable in your hair is to shave all your hair. Bleaching / coloring of the hair does kill lice tho, on the hair, but is not 100% gauntee that it will kill all of them, but its about 75-100% effective, but lice shampoo do the job as well.
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The hair test can be of 2 types. It can be hair follicle test or simply hair test. Your test can be positive even after bleaching 3 or many more time because the dissolve the hair in certain chemicals and find certain reactions with them which prove drug.
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No, there's no way to cheat a hair test. The only option is to shave it off so there is no hair to collect. Be warned, if you have no head hair the collector may try to take hair from your chest, arms, legs or pubic region.

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