Can You Help With My IMPORTANT Hair Strand/follicle Drug Test Question?


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Well, it is said that any drug remains in the follicles for at least 6 months. I suppose since and year and a half has passed, you would be clear of the drugs.
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Hairs (including finger & toe nails which are a type of hair - don't recall who but a famous murderer was captured by finding poison in his)retain a trace of any drugs you have taken for a very long time compared to other parts of the body. And depending on where they find it, it can also give a fairly accurate time period for when drugs were taken. If you normally keep your head hair short and have had it cut several time since you used, the chances are they will not find any traces in it, hence the request for under arm hair. However, all body hairs do fall out and are replaced by fresh growth, whether all of your under arm hair has done this is another question, I am sure there are many websites you could google to find out the life cycle of human hair.

Perhaps after reading this, you may understand better why most top athletes have very short or no head hair and shave most, if not all, their body hair off - it has nothing to do with aerodynamics or any other rubbish they come out with.

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