What Would Happen If You Inhaled Hydromorphone?


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Hydromorphone is dilaudid. It should come either in tablets, 2, 4, 8mg or capsules. By "inhaling" you probably mean snort, or insufflate. If one were to "snort" hydromorphone, one would get extrememly high. If you do not have a tolerance to opiates (painkillers) don't be stupid. They are in my opinion as well as many others, the cream of the crop in terms of painkillers.. Go slow. You can always snort more.. You can never snort less. If you havent before, snort 2mgs.. Wait 20 min. See how you feel. Then snort another two. If you're a kid in high school who stumbled across the hydromorphone in someones medicine cabinet.. You're in for a fun night. But tread carefully... It starts out snorting hydromorphone. Ends banging heroin in an alley and prison. "Inhale" at your own risk... But simply put.. What happens is, you get wasted.

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