Will Nyquil Cold And Flu Medication Make You Fail A Drug Test For Meth?


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It may not cause you to test positive for Meth, but for a fact I know it makes you test positive for PCP.  I had been sick and had been taking Equate Nite Time (generic for NyQuil) for 4 days only 30cc at night before I went to bed because I had been coughing very badly and thats the only thing I could take to sleep, I took a drug test at a new job and tested positive for PCP. So be careful about what you take, be sure to tell them if you have taken anything over the counter, many things we take everyday for colds, allergies, ect, will have you answering a lot of questions and make you look like a fool!!
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I sure don't think so; if that were the case, there would be a lot of unhappy people with colds out there...and if you DO fail?  Use it as an excuse, take it again..
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Not if you let them know you took the Nyquil ahead of time

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