How Long Does Hydroxyzine Stay In Blood/urine?


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Hydroxyzine is usually prescribed as treatment for organic illnesses manifested through anxiety, general anxiety disorders or, in some severe cases, psychoneurosis. In such cases, it is meant to regulate normal function. It can equally be used for allergic conditions, such as contact or atopic dermatoses, histamine-mediated pruritus and chronic urticaria, for instance.

  • Dosages of Hydroxyzine
The dosages of Hydroxyzine hydrochloride vary from 10 to 100 mg, while hydroxyzine parmoate starts at 25 mg. These drugs are available as tablets, oral liquid and injection.

  • Hydroxyzine Abuse
Although this drug is occasionally used as a mild sedative, it does not give a high in any way, there is therefore no apparent reason for abuse. Considering side effects, taking this drug without any kind of medical or even leisure reasons seems to be a risky waste of time.

  • Drug Test Time Tables
It appears that the drug is not listed in any of the many existing time tables. Whether this is because abuse is simply not expected or not is unknown. What is known, however, is that it has been known to show up in a urine test for up to three days.

It is therefore obviously possible to screen for it, and is consequently likely to show in blood tests for longer than this, probably for at least 10 days. In hair tests, it is likely to be detectable for up to 90 days.

  • Prescription Use
If use is restricted to prescription related reasons and dosages, the user should not have to worry about the drug showing up in a test, as long as the prescription can be documented. If this drug has been bought over the counter, however, showing positive in a test may create problems even if it was used for a valid medical reason. Best to stay clear then.

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