Does Peeing A Lot Help In Getting Rid Of Cocaine In The Body?


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No, urinating a lot will not have a significant impact on how fast it takes your body to rid itself of traces of cocaine.

Your body will naturally process the cocaine, but how long this takes will be dependent on a few factors, such as: Your weight, age, gender, metabolism and the amount you have taken.

Does peeing/urinating a lot clean your system?
  • Cocaine is a stimulant that accelerates the production of dopamine in the brain of the user.
  • High levels of dopamine means that a person will experience feelings of reward, pleasure, motivation and - in very high doses - euphoria.
  • The drug is produced from the leaves of the coca plant.
  • Urine screening is the most common method of drug testing. Urine tests can detect cocaine up to one month after the drug was last used.
  • Blood tests can also find cocaine use. However they are only effective up to twenty-four hours.
  • Mouth swab tests are used to find evidence of drug use in the saliva, and these can look for cocaine in the saliva up to ten days after use.
  • Hair follicle tests are used if a longer-term drug history is required. This method of testing will be able to detect drug use for up to three months after cocaine was last used.

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