Will sitting in a sauna help get Cocaine out of your system?


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Actually sweating will clean you up. My boyfriend smokes weed every single min. Of ever single day. He took 8 pills called niacin, the sweated the weed right out of him. He was physically burning but it worked for a next day drug test. But try it, it would not hurt to just try!
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Don't think so it takes 3 days to get out your system if you were clean when you took it. 5 days if you regulary use it and  up to 8 if you take a lot.you can drink vinegar but it doesnt work with everyone and the only way you find out if it worked is if the police tell you failed which iis sh*te. Someone really has to invent a way to tell if its out your system before your in the cells.
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Yes it will, because it stores in your fat. By drinking lots of water and sweating. It's going in and coming out through urinating and pores. FLUSHING AND SWEATING... And lots of it.

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If you sit in a steam room, it will help to get cocaine out a little faster since you will be sweating.. But there is no quick way to get it out. Cocaine usually stays in the system 72 hours.
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Just like exercise, it will help a little since sweating is part of the process of getting drugs out of the system but isn't going to get it out right away or make a big difference.
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No this does not work for drug testing. The drug clears after 72 hours after use for non frequent users.

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