Does Anyone Know Anything About A Sweat Patch Drug Test?


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I am currently wearing a drug patch as I speak..A way to beat this patch is to pome little holes around the patch. Not on the patch but around and when you take a shower let the water run inside the patch which will somehow wash it away you will keep havin-bg to do this until you think your sweat is clean it works I have been doing it for 2 months now and havent failed one yet..The patch will dry over night so you don't need to worry about it being wet when you go in
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Did yu continue to use and what drug would you have failed for?
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If you in any way remove your patch it is physically noticeable the patch itself has three dots on top with are not visible but once its removed your patch will have three holes in it .just like a car inspection sticker.also trying to wash out your patch will remove everything even the creatine your body produces which is a positive for can drink if yiur on pharmchem it does not test amfor alcohol thats why urine test are required
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Duh? I am responding to the idiot that thinks that you can just take the patch off and re-apply some adhesive or put a new one on. I'm not quite clear on what his directions are. Every sweat patch has a different ID# on it. What does he mean by separate adhesive patch, because I would love to know. Maybe  I am the idiot.
I know that they so far are tamper proof. The only way around it is to sop using, and the next time you see your PO tell them that you maybe having an allergic reaction from it. At first they may not believe you but if are constantly pulling and scratching the actual patch, the patch will not look right. The person that is testing you will have to send it in regardless. The tests will be inconclusive and may result in a positive, but they will in time (around 2 sessions) remove it. They will have to go back to urine, be careful b/c they may test your hair.
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OH the sweat patch it is the new thing and hell of a thing to try and cheat it the sweat patch it place on your arm for a period of 6 to 14 days this patch gets your sweat and thats how it shows what you have been doing there new to the system and are coming in full force they are mainly used for people on parole or child custody battles I have not figured away out to beat this test I'm still trying as soon as I know it will be posted
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A way to beat it, is to get the same adhesive film they use to put it on... Remove the patch, and then when it's time to go in to have it removed, just apply the separate adhesive patch that you have and walk in. That is how they know it was removed, because the adhesive turns all white when you take it off.

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