Does Anyone Know How Long Rimonabant (Acomplia 20mg) Will Stay In Your System And How It Shows Up In A Urine Drug Test?


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It would be detectable in a blood test for 3 - 6 months.

However, if you are concerned about an employment drug screening, don't give it a second thought.  They are limited by law to the classes of drugs they can test for.  If you should be so lucky that that they test for and find Acomplia, the amount of money you could win in a lawsuit against the company would far exceed anything you would ever make on a job.
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I just got a urine test for kidney stone susceptibility, and got tested positive for cannabinoids. But I do NOT do drugs! I take acomplia. That is how it shows up. If you know you are doing a urine test of any type, DO NOT take acomplia for at least a month ahead of time. Yes, you may gain weight, but it is not worth the risk of testing positive for marijuana. Thank God my doctor understood. Others may not be so lucky.
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Rimonabant is an anti obesity drug. You can be tested positive for Rimonabant as you have drug test after four weeks. Because the half life of Rimonabant is 6-9 days with normal BMI and and 16 days if BMI> 30. The hair follicle test will test it positive even for 100 days. For more details, visit Rimonabant.

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