How To Clean Out Morphine From Urine?


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You can clean morphine from out of your urine in several ways, but none are particularly simple. You can either visit a hospital or a rehab clinic in search of a place that does rapid opiate elimination. In the process of this procedure, you will be given general anesthetic and put to sleep before they enter a high dose of IV Naxalone into your blood stream. As Naxalone is a strong opiate antagonist, this should remove traces of morphine, but the actual effects won't take place for at least two days for you to be able to pass a morphine test with negative.

This procedure isn't recommended as a frequent method as levels of Naxalone can cause excruciating pain to a human, hence the need for general anesthetic. Every time you go under general anesthetic you put your life at risk, as the more times you have anesthetic, the more chance you have of not waking up at the end of your operation.

Another option you can consider when removing morphine from your urine is to visit your doctor prior to your drug test at the hospital and ask for a Tylenol 3 prescription. Then take this script with you when you go for your drug test and say that you don't take drugs, you just take Tylenol 3. Tylenol contains one of the lowest forms of opiates, codeine, which can show up on many drug tests as positive for opiate contamination.

If you have a problem with morphine addiction, you need to see a doctor or a rehab facility before your problem gets worse. They can set you off on a rehab course to help you from feeling the urge to take the drug. You don't have to suffer any longer with your morphine addiction.

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