Does 'Stinger The Buzz' Really Work?


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'Stinger the Buzz' is the brand name for a health product that is supposed to remove the metabolites of various drugs from your system in order to pass a drug test.

Its effectiveness has attracted mixed reviews on the internet, but here's what I think about it:

Does Stinger the Buzz work?
Like most 'detox' products that are meant to help you pass a drug test, Stinger the Buzz only has positive effects because it masks the metabolites of drugs in your body.

The thing that makes me really uncomfortable about this product is that the manufacturers don't provide very much science for how they think their product works.

Surely if you invented a miracle product that was able to rid the body of drug traces, you'd want to reassure people that it was the real deal by giving them some insight into how it works.

How effective is Stinger the Buzz?
If you believe certain reviews, Stinger the Buzz works in 60-90 minutes and can rid your body of metabolites related to marijuana, cocaine and a host of other drugs.

Excuse me for being skeptical, but I find it hard to believe that this is true.

Extracting metabolites from a person's system is no simple task, and developing a product that is able to identify and target metabolites of 'various different substances' would require millions of dollars in research and investment.

Most of these 'detox cleanse' companies barely have enough money to run a decent-looking website, although maybe they've invested all their funds in lab research.
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Sure, the buzz really works.

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