Does Stinger Detox Cover Up Cocaine?


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It appears there are differing opinions on the internet to whether or not Stinger detox with completely remove any traces of cocaine in your body.

Therefore the best and most sensible policy to take if you are having a drugs test in the near future is to not take cocaine at all rather than finding a solution that covers it up.

Businesses and the army use drugs tests not only to see if you do indeed take drugs but it is also an indication on the type of person they wish to take on.

Someone who does not take drugs is seen to be:

  • Law-abiding
  • Have great self-control and self-discipline
  • They value their body and the opinions of their loved ones.
Whereas someone who does partake in drug taking is seen as:

  • A law-breaker
  • Someone who is not in control of their own life and prone to addictions.
  • They are also looked down upon by the rest of society
  • Not a good representation for any business or solider.
Therefore if you take cocaine it is vital you think about stopping if you are wanting to succeed in life and to give yourself the chance of getting any job or role you may desire. You will not only save a lot of money by not having to pay for drugs but you should also feel a lot of health benefits as well as immense pride that you don't need the crutch of drugs to be who you are.

If you want to give up drugs then you should talk to your doctor. They will be able to refer you to experts who will help you throughout the withdrawal stage and keep you on the straight and narrow in the future.

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