Can You Inject Klonopin?


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Using klonopin (clonazepam) or other benzodiazepines IntraVenously is NOT RECOMMENDED.  It contains fillers that can be very harmful to your body. Other than the fact that its dangerous, and insoluble in water, there's also the fact that its pointless. Shooting klonopin DOES NOT give you a bigger buz, it simply makes it kick in about 5 minutes sooner than if you would have eaten it.. Trust me.. I am a recovering heroin addict, who has done every substanse abusable.. And now have a drug counselling certificate.. But if you are going to slam that shit in your vein anyway, might as well do it safely:

The Klonopin will be soluble in 0,9mL water and 0,1mL alcohol... Be sure to use a micron filter... And remember: Syringes are SINGLE USE ONLY!!!

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