How Long Does Clonazepam 1mg Stay In Your Urine?


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Clonazepam is considered to be a “long-acting” benzodiazepine which means that the effects of taking it last longer than with similar types of drugs.  How long it stays in your system is dependent on quite a few factors including your weight, age, sex, metabolism, whether or not your are stressed, and whether you are taking any other medications or have any other conditions (such as kidney disease).  Also remember that pills taken orally are metabolized slower than drugs injected into the bloodstream.  Theoretically, Clonazepam should be metabolized by our body in about six hours but your body isn’t entirely rid of it for 30 hours.
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I have heard 1 - 3 days, 30 hours, 1 week, I just don't know for sure I wish there was a for sure answer out there I would really like to know for sure so I don't mess up my current program I'm on if there s a drug doctor or someone who knows there stuff 100% please reply to this message and let all of us wonderers know the truth .   Thank you all who reply or comment.   P.S. The answer of 4 -6 weeks is unheard of a full of you know what I stop taking 1mg tabs one week before urine test and passed just I know 1 week is enough time I would love to know how many days exactly... Thank you all...
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It can stay in your system for one week if you are using under medical prescription. If you are using this medicine since long then it can take 4-6 weeks to get out of the system. 

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