What type of drug test does harris county probation use and do they test for alcohol?


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Harris County Probation will do whatever tests that they think are appropriate under any given circumstances, so that means that if they feel the need to test for alcohol, then they will.

The same rule applies to the drug tests that they carry out: These can be blood tests, hair analysis or urine tests.

  • Urine tests
There are many people who believe that they can fool a urine test, but the reality is that it is virtually impossible. The reasons for this are varied.

  • Herbal drinks that allegedly give a negative result
There are many different solutions on the market that claim that if you follow the instructions you will be able to get a clear test back. The crux of these solutions is the fact that you have to drink vast quantities of water with them.

This is problematic for a couple of reasons. Drinking vast quantities of water can actually be so dangerous that it can cause death because the kidneys are unable to cope with the volume.

The second problem with this method is that if someone drinks a lot of water it makes their urine very pale. This is an immediate giveaway for the people who are conducting the tests and so they will make sure that they carry out a more detailed test to discover the truth.

  • Using another sample
Other people think that they can smuggle in someone else's sample to give a clear reading. The flaw in this plan is that urine will deteriorate if not kept refrigerated. This means that the sample will either be unusable because it isn't fresh, or it will be cold, which is another giveaway that someone is trying to give a false test.
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12 panel ETG drug alcohol urinalysis.

Yes, they can detect alcohol for an average of 80 hrs after consuming any amount. Even up to 120 hrs depending on individual factors.

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