Does hamilton county of TN use an ETG alcohol test if you are assigned probation with drug testing for a drug (pot) related charge?


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This American county will use ETG alcohol tests when a person enrolled in zero-tolerance treatment/probation programs is suspected of "falling off the wagon" with regard to alcohol, pot, or other substances. These sensitive tests are used to find the presence (if any) of alcohol in the blood, through the scientific measurement of ethyl glucuronide. Ethyl glucuronide is an indicator of alcohol in the bloodstream, because it is a metabolite of that substance. Though ETG alcohol tests are used only for alcohol, they may be used on people in zero-tolerance programs who are actually convicted of pot possession.

  • ETG facts

A typical ETG test will show that booze has been consumed within a few days of the actual test - for this reason, people who wish to test clean will need to abstain for days before undergoing the ETG exam.

This kind of test looks for alcohol in the bloodstream; however, it is still a urine test. Usually, an ETG test that comes out positive will be followed up by another, similar test that seeks out a second metabolite of alcohol in the blood. This EIG test is another layer of proof that a person has ingested alcohol.

  • The test can help with rehabilitation

Sometimes, the role of the test is not solely to punish the person who garners a positive result; often, this sort of urine test can be used to help an addicted person stay clean and get rehabilitated. In the case of serious alcoholics, such as the recently deceased Amy Winehouse, drug use and alcohol abuse may coincide, and zero tolerance programs may only work some of the time.

In Hamilton County, Tennessee, this is not a routine test; however, it may be used on a person who has been busted for drug possession of marijuana (pot), if the person is enrolled in a court-ordered zero tolerance program.

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