How Long Does Hydro Weed Stay In Your Blood?


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As long as any weed may stay.
Hydro does not make it a different plant, it refers to the method in which the plant was grown. In this case hydroponically, which only means in a water medium instead of soil or another solid.

It is true so called "hydro weed" is stronger than other varieties, this is probably due to the more accurate control the grower has using a water medium, this can make the plants grow to their highest potentials.
But whether it is good stuff, or hydro good stuff, you're looking at very similar times for it to leave the system.
A week or two at most for a one time smoker, about a month to be safe for a regular smoker.
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Measurements in blood show a curve like this suggesting drug screening tests in urine or blood might show "negative" after an hour or two.:

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