How long does marijuana stay in the system? I have a drug test in a week.


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The effects of smoking marijuana may disappear fairly quickly, but the drug we all know and love by many names can be detected through metabolites in the body for many weeks!

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How long does marijuana/weed stay in the system?

Here's a great little table I discovered that should help you work out how long the weed will stay in your system.

It has a list of different tests that you might be subjected to, and the frequency of consumption - both factors that will weigh in here:

Urine Drug Test

1 time only = 5-8 days

2-4 times per month = 11-18 days

2-4 times week = 23-35 days

5-6 times per week = 33-48 days

Daily Usage = 49-90 days

Hair Drug Test = Up to 90 days, some States 120 days

Saliva Drug Test = 1-10 days

Blood Drug Test = 2 days

Fingernail Drug Test = 90 Days

I hope this helps you pass the test my brother. Enjoy the ganja and come back to let us know how you got on.


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In most cases, at least a week!

But also what kind of test do you have? If it's a urine or swab test you might be fine, hair and blood are far riskier to my understanding

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