Does drug test?


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I applied for a job at and was not asked to take a drug test, although there were several stages to the interview process and I wasn't pleased with the way the company represented itself nor with the hiring manager's attitude so I decided to drop out of the recruitment process at the 3rd stage.

My experience with the interview went a bit like this:

  1. Submitted CV to be considered
  2. Received call from rude HR woman asking me questions about my job even though she had no technical understanding of my role.
  3. Very brief call with a "Technical Solution Architect" who wasn't too sure why he was involved in the recruitment process as I had already discussed my competencies in the first phone call.
  4. Had to drive over an hour to attend an interview, which was delayed by 15 minutes because we couldn't find a room to hold the meeting. I was rushed through as "they were recruiting like crazy" and it took them 2 weeks to get back to me about the next stage, by which time I had been offered a better position so I decided to decline's offer.

At no point was I drug tested, however I should point out I didn't complete the interview process. There was no mention of drug testing from employees I spoke to, though they did warn me about the director of EMEA being very difficult in an interview situation.

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