Is that baking soda remedy really gonna work for my drug test of meth?


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Baking soda is not a real remedy for passing a meth drug test.

I work for a drug testing company, and I have heard this story about a million times.
Yes, I know there are drug users posting in forums saying they are passing tests by using baking soda, but they are not scientists and don't know for sure why they have turned over a negative test. It could be for a number of reasons.

But in honesty, there is no real "trick" to passing a test.

Especially for well-known drugs like meth.

Maybe if you were taking a test 15 years ago when meth use wasn't as publicized, you might come across a test that wasn't checking for methamphetamine metabolites and was only interested in marijuana, cocaine, heroin and crack.

But nowadays tests are more accurate,

Also, why baking soda?
I think people assume because it reduces acidity, that it may mask traces of drugs...

That is baloney.

The other theory is that, like bleach, it can be used as a cleaning agent, so in the mind of junkies that makes it a 'cleaning substance'

In reality though, all it is is a poison to your body, and could put you in hospital.

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