Has anyone passed a ua lab test for meth and amphetamines using baking soda?


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I have heard this rumour too, but I don't think baking soda will do a damn thing to help you pass a meth test. Drug testing is pretty advanced these days, so a little bit of baking soda won't fool anyone!

I would also say that, if you're on probation and your freedom is at stake, I think you should be focusing  getting clean and not worrying about whether baking soda will help you fluke pass a drug test.

It just doesn't seem sensible. You need to get off the the methamphetamine dude, it's no good for you, TRUST ME

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Yes and no people who drink a glass of water with 2tbsp baking soda before a ua URINE lab test can possibly pass the urine test but not the mouth swab test

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