How Long Does A 70mg Dose Of Methadone Continue To Affect Ability To See And Walk Straight And Speak Properly, For A Regular User That Is?


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Methadone is used in treatment for heroin addiction because it lasts much longer than heroin in the body. Methadone is an opiate narcotic drug just like heroin; a person on a methadone maintenance program can take methadone, 70 mgs, only once a day, or even every other day if it is an extended relief dose, where heroin must be used several times a day to ward off withdrawal effects.

Methadone, being similar to heroin, will affect one's ability to speak and walk in coordination for at least 24 hours if you are new to the drug; once your body becomes accustomed to the drug, these side effects usually disappear in time. Keeping in mind that heroin and methadone are "chemical cousins," a methadone user will have exactly the same side effects as with heroin or morphine.

Methadone is not just used as a treatment for heroin addiction; it is also prescribed by physicians to relieve a patient's severe pain, especially if the patient is terminally ill.
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I know that the amount of time that Methadone remains in your system is depended on how well your body metabolizes the substance. I am in a methadone program and 100mg daily. It has helped me w/my addiction to pain killers, however it does not help if you use other rec drugs like cocain,marijuna or other types of substances. It is important to know that the best way to keep clean is to stay AWAY from those substances. But if you are taking methadone make sure that you know the risk of downers or barbitchuates like Xanax,Vailum,Kolodpin etc mixed with the methadone is a deadly cocktail mix and will KILL you if abused..Be CAREFULL
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I am on 105 mg of methadone daily and i take 2mg of xanax 3 times a day for a year been fine the whole time except the first week on methadone where you will get high until you adjust to your dose, but then again i knew someone who took 2 10mg valuim's and 90 of methadone and he overdosed and died, so it all depends on the persons tolerance and metabolism
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You can't take Methadone and xanax together, if you are then you are not seeking treatment for your problem your wanting to continue it, the point you get on methadone is to quit using substances to get high, your still using xanax which gets you high so your a hypocrit.
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Would a doctor take you from 50mg methadone and raise you to 70mg without you requesting it???

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