I Only Smoked Weed Once A Little Over Two Weeks Ago, Will It Show Up In A Urine Test?


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A friend of mine passed a drug test 3 days after smoking marijuana.it all depends on your metabolism,&  how much liquid consumption and activity is in your daily routines. Best bet is to get the detox drinks...
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Suppose you ask for marijuana
approx detection time for:
Saliva test- single use 1-3 days/ chronic use 7-10 days
Urine drug test - single use- 2-5 days/ use1-3 times per week - 10 -30 days/ use 3+ per week - 25-45 days to 6weeks /daily use, chronic use - up to 10 weeks.  And allot depends on your height and weight, metabolic rate, how much and often you smoke before this 2 weeks, etc..

Hair drug test - 90 days

also you can find at most pharmacy urine home drug test kits and if you test your first morning urine, with the highest concentration, this will give you some  answer.

If you ask for Nicotine and cotinine (nicotine metabolite)can be detected for approximately
2-5 days to 7-12 days in urine/ 5-10 days in saliva/ 5-12 days in blood / up to 90 days in hair sample
But detection of cotinine is not a part of standard drug test.

If you ask for other drugs that can be smoked look online for detection periods and type of drug testing.
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If this was your first time or there abouts you should be ok for your drug test. However if you have smoked weed a lot it usually takes 30 days to clear your system. THC is very potent like nicotine is from cig.
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Nope, you need a flushout drink. MIne cost 85$ and worked after I smoked 6 days earlier. You chug the thing down (don't sip it). Get 2 or three nice pisses out then any piss after that will be clean for the next 8 hours.
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Most likely you won't pass. Marijuana usually stays in the system for 30 days or more(unless you didn't do a lot and have a high metabolism..then you might be clean, but chances are slim.)
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Did You pass?    I have a similar issue.....   Took the test yesterday...   For a job!!!    I hope I pass!!!!

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