I need to know if suboxone can help me kick a small heroin habit?


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If you are looking to quit all drug addiction then you must join a near by rehabilitation centers soon as possible which will be more helpful. Because on your own, you may some how replace your heroin addiction with other addiction stuff.

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I'm on suboxone right now. This is my second time around on it. I was getting off of opiates (and a small amount of heroin when the pain was just too much) that I took for a herniated disc and nerve damage the first time, and it definitely got me off of the opiates and dope. I relapsed after I hurt my back again and was given morphine in the hospital and a prescription for percocet. I ran out of that quickly due to tolerance, found my old friends, and wound up back on heroin a whole lot worse than I was the first time. I can tell you that suboxone definitely works, but you have to want to quit. It will get you off of the dope, and it will kill your cravings, but once you come off of the suboxone it will be up to you to stay clean. I personally love suboxone and want to find a maintenance doctor because it works just as well for my pain without making me a dope fiend. In Europe they use it for pain and anyone can prescribe it but in the US it is really hard to get in to a doctor because they have regulated the crap out of it and who can prescribe it. But yes, to answer your question, it can definitely get you off of a small heroin addiction. Hope it works out for you!!! Good luck!!

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