Does Anyone Know If Adipex Shows Up On A Hair Follicle Test Please Let Me Know Asap I Have Child Custody Case In Morning And Need To Know Cause I Have To Take Hair Follicle Test Thanks To Anyone Who Can Help Me Out It Very Important?


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Hi you sorry to hear about yr position iv been there my self and know how yr feeling. ANYTHING will show up in a hair follicle drug test and tell you how much, when and wot you have taken, it is a very accurate test and is impossible to beat unless you r pregnant with hormones all over the place and if you have bleached yr hair and they do ask you not too 3 months before the test. Good luck and get back to me if you need too, all the best
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It actually might. Depending on where they ship it too get tested at. And what fuction/organization  the hair follicle test was for.Like at schools it will but it just depend what they are looking for.

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