I haven't smoked in like a month and a week now. I have to take a drug test on Thursday. Is it out of my hair? Is there any shampoo I can use? I'm not cutting my hair and I have braids. Would they be able to even get hair?


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dylan gregory answered

Drugs take a long time to get out of your hair.

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Lynn Blakeman answered

Whether you pass the drugs test or not will depend on so many things - the type of drugs you smoked, how long you did it for, your metabolism, age, fitness, etc.

However, most drugs last around 90 days in your hair so it seems that you may still have a problem unfortunately.

As for your braids, I am guessing that if they need a hair specimen they will get one. They may take a little hair from the very end of your braids or maybe they will cut from underneath where there is new growth.

Do you know for sure that the drugs test will be done on your hair sample? Urine tests are much more common, or they may take blood, you are much more likely to pass these, in fact with urine I would say it's a sure pass.

Ideally you need to get the test postponed, but doing that for another two months is probably asking too much. You could call in sick for one test but if they reschedule for next week and you are sick again it would look too suspicious.

However, well done for being drug-free for over a month, that's great!

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If it's just weed I think you're ok. Not an expert though.

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