I Haven't Smoked Weed In Two Months Can I Pass A Hair Drug Test?


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Hair follicle tests are done by the length of your hair. They can estimate time based on length and if it does show they will know it was approx. 2 months ago.
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Yea it may stay in your hair, but they only go back 60-90 days! 

So knowledge on hair or not they don't go on what you did 2 yrs ago! (Just took one and hadn't smoked in 2 months myself)

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Vantressa answered
No it will not show up, you have to smoke regularly for it to show in tests. If you smoke weed then the next day go for a test it will show
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Speaking as a hairdresser, I know that it will show in your hair. That one strand of hair can tell them EVERYTHING about you! They'd be able to tell you smoked weed 2 months! That could stay in your hair for up to 2 years!
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No, because they get the hair sample from the roots and they are the last to come from the blood stream if they used hair ends you most likely would pass, but your hair ends are dead they need to use newly grown hair from your roots and it will show whatever is in your blood......the best to you
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Yes it will stay in your hair it could stay there for 2 years I'm a hairdresser I no everything about hair!

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