Can Vinegar Hide Alcohol In Urine Test?


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Mark Henderson answered
In a word, No. Vinegar certainly will not fool any urine test, and it will not hide alcohol or any other substances.

If you do drink a lot of vinegar, in an attempt to fool a test, then you will have the rather unpleasant experience of violent diarrhoea.

Vinegar alcohol test
  • If you do drink vinegar, or instead add some to a urine sample it will lower the sample's PH level. This will not hide the presence of alcohol in the sample.
  • Also, any modern lab can detect if a sample has been artificially tampered with, and adding vinegar will be flagged up by the test. This will result in either an instant fail, or another test under the supervision of a lab technician.
  • The body will break down one unit of alcohol every hour after you have finished drinking, and even the latest ETG machines can only detect the presence of alcohol in urine for up to three days. You should be fine unless you turn up to the test drunk.
Whilst we're on the subject of alcohol testing, I'll put another urban myth to bed. Cranberry juice does not mask the presence of alcohol or other substances in urine either.

  • Cranberry juice is a good source of antioxidants but it will do almost nothing to mask the presence of alcohol or other substances.
  • Again, if you drink large amounts of cranberry juice, the lab will realise that your urine has an abnormal PH level.
Remember to stay clear of drinking large amounts of vinegar. No one likes violent diarrhoea.
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No, it can't. Don't do anything stupid and tamper with your urine because of alcohol.

Alcohol is out of the system very quickly. Only an ETG test can detect it for up to 72 hours.

Basic testing can only detect it up to 24 hours but it is normally out of your system within 10-12 hours.

You would practically have to go for your test drunk for it to come up positive for alcohol. So don't worry.

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