How Long Does It Take For Esctasy To Leave Your Body ?


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It can take up to two days for ecstasy to leave your bloodstream. Most blood or urine tests will not be able to detect ecstasy after a 48 hour period has elapsed since you last took a pill.

Despite the fact that ecstasy will usually leave your body faster than many other drugs, it can still be a very dangerous product and can result in serious health issues, especially kidney and liver problems in those people who take the drug over an extended period of time. In terms of short-term effects, ecstasy is known to cause dehydration--and this risk increases expontentially when taken with alcohol--as well as severe heat strokes and panic attacks. Therefore, if you do take ecstasy, you must be certain to consume lots of water in order to replenish your body. In rare cases, ecstasy has also been linked to premature deaths.

According to data compiled for 2005, about 5.4% of all grade 12 students in the US took ecstasy at least once.
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Akidemwa what makes you the expert?  Where did you get your info from?  Most of it sounds correct except when you said it never leaves the system.  I can hardly believe this to be true.  The only drug that I'm aware of that is capable of that is LSD.  And the chances of it coming up in a test months or years after are very little.  You failed to explain how the body stores it for so long so sounds like you don't know what you are talking about.  The other drug that stays in your system for a long time is marijuana.  It only lasts for 1 month max.  This is due because it is stored in fat cells unlike any other drug.  So what makes x never go away?  You don't know then you really can't answer the question.  So stop filling people full of bull.
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I've heard that it can take up to two days to leave your body, but I've never tried it, so I don't know. I don't think it's a good idea to take something like that in general, and for me, it's better to just take THC pills from and use something like that for recreational purposes.

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Sorry just more bad news for you here. X never leaves your body. While some of the chemical compounds will most certainly over an extended period of time find their way into the various different organs that will collect and store them until they find a way to dispose of them as best they can, the use of ecstasy especially is not only NOT RECOMMENDED it is also a very dangerous drug and though it produces an intense feeling of euphoria as well it greatly reduces if not eliminate all together the normal adversion that an individual would under normal circumstances experience, should the participation in alternative sexual activities which would  temporarily require the re-alignnment of sexual orientation for the duration of the drugs affect. The point I'm trying to get across is that X causes neuro pathways to rewire and take shortcuts. Eventually these pathways start to try and become permanent and causes the new pathway to appear normal subconciously until finally the users neuro signals stop going anywhere and overwhelm the user causing deep depression, hopelessness and despair and physical disability eventually.Did I mention that this damage is irrepairable!

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