How Long Does Amphetamine And Ecstasy Stay In Your Hair For?


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Both amphetamine and ecstasy can be detected within the hair of a user for up to three months after the drugs were taken.

The molecules of these substances bind with the hair follicles and are difficult to shift once this has happened.

How long does amphetamines and ecstasy stay in your hair follicles?
Employers and the authorities can use numerous drug testing methods to look for traces of illegal substances in the body of an individual.

The most common method of testing they use is urine tests, because they are cost-effective, simple and quick.

  • Urine testing can detect the presence of ecstasy within a user up to three days after the drug was last taken. In the case of amphetamines, they can only be detected for up to two days.
  • Blood testing usually can only detect abusive substances for up to twenty-four hours after they were last taken. These tests are not used as regularly as urine screenings, because they are more expensive and drugs leave the blood quicker than urine.
  • Mouth swab tests are used occasionally, and are effective for about a week after the last dosage.
  • Hair follicle testing is only used when a long-term drug history is required of an individual. As stated earlier, they can find drugs for up to three months after they were used.

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