What Can I Take To Mask A Positive Opiate Urine Test?


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Drink lots of water so you piss as many times as possible and drink cranberry juice as well the more you piss the better then go to gnc and buy the detox drink called qcarb20clear or qcarb32  the 32 is bigger but doesnt come with the multivitimans and they are very important w/o them they can tell you took the drink , then 4 hrs before the test take 4 asprin and only asprin  not tylenol , then 1-1:30 hrs before you have to piss drink the qcarb for the best results  ,after you drink it piss like 2-3 more times  this works on even the strictest probation tests trust me I know   this is not 100percent but this is the best you are going too be able too do w/o using clean piss most places they watch you thou if they don't tape clean piss between your legs close to your privates you do this to keep it body your body temperature because they look for that   goodluck

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