How Do I Pass An Opiate Urine Test?


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If you notice almost every solution starts with "Drink plenty of water" this should tell you something, I have been going to the Methadone clinic every week for over 7 years now, and one day I just couldn't piss for the life of me! They were an hr. From closing and I was sitting there like an idiot drinking one glass of water after another (Usually I drink cranberry juice as it works better) and I remember the nurse all of a sudden freaking out saying "Stop drinking so much water! What are you trying to hide?!" This was an "Ah Ha" moment. My urine test came out negative that day even though I should have failed it miserably...enough said.

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Drink lots of water and piss as many times as possible the longer you do it the better then go to gnc and get the detox drink called qcarb20clear or qcarb32   the 32 is bigger but doesnt come with the multivitimans like the 20clear and the mulitivtimans are very important because w/o them they can tell you took the drink , then 4 hrs before the test take 4 asprins not tylenol asprin only then for the best results take the detox drink 1-1:30 hrs before you piss  in that window of time piss a couple more times from water again   this method works on all types of tests even strict probation tests  trust me
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Don't take opiates and you'll pass every single test.
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Thank you master of the obvious! My circumstances are such that I don't have a choice.

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