Will Penicillin Clean Pcp Out Of Your Urine?


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The question whether penicillin can clear Pcp out of urine can be quite simply answered with a firm no. Penicillin is an antibiotic designed to deal with bacterial or viral infections. Pcp does not come into these categories, as it is a chemical introduced into the body.

Most drugs will take a certain period of time to naturally out of a user's system. With Pcp, it is a case of at least three to seven days for single or occasional use, while regular heavy users may have to wait up to 30 days for it to completely clear out of their system.

Of course this also depends on a user's personal metabolism; some people have much quicker working metabolisms and will thus clear out quicker.

There is really nothing anyone can do to speed the clearing process, although it is possible to help it along a little by drinking plenty of water to keep one's system generally well flushed out.

Keeping active is also advisable, as this usually induces the metabolism to speed up a little.

The best way to keep one's urine free from Pcp is to simply not use it in the first place. This is particularly important for those who know that they will have to undergo a test shortly, although it is naturally better for anyone to stay clear from the use of drugs.

Harmless as the occasional use may seem, there are always side and after effects, some of which may not even be noticed immediately.

As with alcohol, a perfectly legal type of drug, occasional use may not show any immediate symptoms of side effects, but in the long run many health problems, particularly with kidneys, liver and stomach may arise.

All drugs have sometimes hidden effects on the human body and should be avoided.

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