How To Pass A Urine Test After Using Methamphetamine?


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There is no way to guarantee that you'll pass a urine test for methamphetamine. Though some people recommend that you drink lots of cranberry juice to flush it out of your system and some companies offer detox formulas to cleanse your body of methamphetamine (hereafter referred to as meth), these methods are highly unreliable. Another alternative is swapping natural or synthetic urine with your own, but this method has its own drawbacks.

Cranberry juice is a natural diuretic, which means that it elevates your rate of urination. As it also acts as an antioxidant, it is an excellent way through which to cleanse your urinary system. Thus, the logic in recommending cranberry juice is clear. The practicality of it, however, is unclear. While cranberry juice will remove meth from your system (it's often recommended for people who want to go clean and/or are suffering from withdrawal), it's not likely to work quickly enough for you to pass your urine test.

Detox drinks and formulas are pretty common these days, at least in the online market. If you live in a larger, more liberal town then you might be able to find some for sale in health or drug paraphernalia shops. These detox products are usually herbal and contain a combination of vitamins, minerals and natural extracts intended to remove the metabolic wastes that meth leaves in your system. Like with cranberry juice, these detox products are limitedly effective and will not guarantee you a pass on your test.

Your last option is to substitute your urine. Many places that sell drug detox products also sell synthetic urine kits, and you can always ask someone you know to give you a sample of their urine. In both cases, you will have to keep the urine at a temperature of 32 to 37 degrees C until you can offer it as a sample.

There are other options published online, like ingesting baking soda or adding bleach to your urine, but there isn't much information available on these methods, so you might want to avoid them.

Keep in mind that meth passes through your system at a relatively fast rate. In most cases it will be gone in one week, but light or one-time users could find themselves passing a drug test taken as early as two to three days after they last used the drug. Depending on your circumstances, you might not have anything to worry about at all in regard to passing your drug test.
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Meth usually only stays in your system 48 to 72 hours depending on how much of it is used, if you are afraid it may not be long enough, you can buy a product called blue and it will clean your hair, blood, saliva and urine in a short amount of time and can be purchased in almost any adult shop
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Go to the hospital tell them you have not been abel to urinate for like 24 hours or what ever you have to say to get them to give you an iv if you can get 2 bags of fluid you should be fine my husband smoked the night befor a test and passed this way no gaurentee tho every one is different
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Meth is detectable for 3-5 days after use. All you can do is drink a lot of cranberry juice and hope for the best. There is nothing you can do that is guaranteed to make you pass.
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Antibiotics go to the health center and tell them you have noticed a greenish discharge and now it seems to be just clear and it is hard to urinate they will fix you up with the works, one thing to keep in mind you don't want to abuse this process you could very well need these meds in the future and if they don't work well you know the rest. GOOD LUCK
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If I used meth Sunday moring at 730  and had a drug screen wendsday 330pm will I be clean I took vinigar and drank water drank soda juice should I be clean
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if a person has used Meth/tik everyday for 10yrs - but has stopped for -+1month now - will the test still be positive? We used a urine test and on both occassions it showed positive and the person said that they no longer use it. I can see a difference in the person, sleeping well, eating well and skin is looking better than what it use to.

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Is 72 hours enough to clear the system of methamphetamine and pass a urine drug test for an occasional user?
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Meth stays in the system 4 days on average.. Only way to be clean is to not use. Other than that, nothing is guaranteed.

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