Can You Take Adderall While Breastfeeding?


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No I was on adderall before I got pregnant and had to stop when I conceived, and throughout the 15 months I breastfed. If your ADD is severe talk to your doctor about an alternative. I found, that during my pregnancy, my ADD seemed to take a dormant stage. This is common due to the hormones your body produces during pregnancy. Once I started weaning is when my symptoms began to come back. Hope this helps :)
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Given that Canada suspended all sales of Adderall after it was found to be linked to 12 sudden deaths in American children, and Britain's National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence urged physicians NOT to prescribe Adderall to children under 5, I would say NO, do not take Adderall, and especially not if you are nursing. Whatever you take IS passed on through your breast-milk to you child and can be fatal.
Research data was found that suggest using Adderall resulted in an increased risk of cardiac defect.
In extreme cases Adderall can cause paranoia, heart attacks and hallucinations.

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