How Long After Using Meth Can A Urine Test Stay Positive?


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Methamphetamines are detectible in urine analysis for a minimum of 1 - 3 hours and a maximum of 3 - 4 days.  The amount of time varies depending on a number of factors including: The specific type/strength of drug taken, weight, sex, age, metabolic rate etc.  Methamphetamines are addictive and the body gets used to them very quickly meaning that desire for higher and higher quantities will result after even short-term repeated use.  Severe withdrawals that can last up to and more than 10 days will result if use is stopped after addiction has formed.  The symptoms of withdrawal are: Depression, fatigue, increased appetite, and excessive sleeping.
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I had a friend who was on probation and had to do weekly UA's. He would use meth as close as 2.5 days before the UA without showing signs. When he dipped blow 2 days he would fail the tests.  Another friend was tested as a random blood test for work and had used the night before and only had about 3 hours notice before a blood draw.  He drank about 2 gallons of water (not a safe thing to do) and also took a couple of b-complex vitamins (something he found online to help mask the drug).  The blood was sent to a lab and they said his creatinine levels were high but no signs of drug usage.  Anyway.  Just use caution when using drugs, try to stay clean and to stay as healthy as possible, always try to allow at least a week recovery time between usage of any stimulant type street drug.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and keep your sugar levels up with oranges or orange juice and even a little chocolate preferably with a wafer like in a Kit Kat bar.  Water, Water, Water and if you're having problems like frequent overheating episodes, it's most likely low blood sugar as methamphetamine  causes extreme hypoglycemia in many cases even if you're not diabetic.  Good luck and be safe.
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You have to pound the water. And pee pee pee pee
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It is detectable almost immediately after ingestion into the body due to how rapidly the metabolism is working. If you are asking how long after use it stays in the system, it is relatively short lived and basically you will pass a test after 3-5 days of being clean. Which is unfortunate, due to this being one of the worst, most destructive drugs that we have in the world. Easy to manufacture, fairly cheap, and highly addictive. You should see the scans of peoples brains who are chronic users, they look like swiss cheese.
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3 days!  If you follow the proper cycle.

Run your ass off.  You want to sweat as much as you can while flushing your body with 3 gallons of liquid per day.  Yea, its a lot, but it works!
Also, it is important to load up on eggs!  You want to keep your proteins up in your pee so it doesnt appear that you have been flushing.
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This drug is detectable in blood and oral fluids for 1-3 days after using while 3-5 days in urine analysis.
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It really depends on how much and how long you have been using. If for instance you did a line one night then you will be safe 3 days later. Thats 72 hours. Good luck.
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I know for a fact that it can last up to seven days,even if your not a frequent user.
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This depends on how much, how good, and how often you took this drug. It can take 3 days to 3 weeks to pass a test.
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Any drug can be detected for up to 6 months after usage no matter what you do with todays modern drug testing methods

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